Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama's Overexposure on Healthcare May Be Exaggerated

When I saw the title of this article, I tried not to get frustrated with the fact that people would even think that Obama is overexposing his thoughts and plans to the country. I understand that Republicans are getting upset with the fact that the person they did not choose for President is all over the media, but if it were Senator McCain speaking on all the talkshows there would be no complaints from them. I'm not trying to sound like an angry Democrat, but it's somewhat annoying that people are getting annoyed that our President is trying to communicate to all of the American people using different sources. So what if he is going on several different talkshows, he is speaking about thoughts and plans that can benefit the people of our country. We don't seem to mind if John and Kate from "John and Kate Plus 8" are on every talkshow on every channel every day. This article talks about how many people are saying that the more the public hears about Obama's healthcare plan, the more things they don't like about it. This article proves that statement to be very wrong because it states, "A CBS poll after Obama's healthcare speech to Congress showed the highest approval ratings of the year on the issue, with 52 percent approving and 38 percent disapproving. His ratings were particularly high among Democrats, with 85 percent approving." This article, in my eyes, is pretty much letting everyone know that Obama is not overexposing the healthcare issue. He wants the American people to know that he is trying to help those who do not have and severely need healthcare. I think everyone who sees this article or sees my blog absolutely needs to read the article because it shows that people are not getting tired of hearing Obama speak about issues that need to be spoken about. We all knew many Republicans were going to be against listening to him whether it be on a talkshow or through CNN, so it shouldn't shock us that they went through with it. I just wish they might look outside of their box and see that he is trying to expose his thoughts and plans because he is the PRESIDENT not a CELEBRITY! I think that the article argues the annoyance of the "overexposure" that the Republicans are feeling with this quote, "Obama is considered one of the most gifted communicators in recent Democratic Party history, with his campaign for the presidency praised as an almost perfect communications effort." With that said, this article completely fires back at the statements being made about Obama's overexposure on healthcare.

Please read this article!