Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't Penalize the Seniors

When I visited USA Today, I wanted to read this article strictly because of the title, but the further I got into the article, I was almost greatly disappointed with the author's lack of power in his argument. I agree with most of the things he is speaking of when it comes to opposing cutting back on the Medicare coverage seniors get, but I don't think that he supported his argument with any factual information to get his point across. The main facts he brought to the table were about the proposals that have been brought forth to Congress that show that many seniors with Medicare Advantage would be experiencing higher costs and fewer substantive benefits. I think the most important part, and maybe the only important part of his editorial was when he stated, "In fact, they'd be the only ones guaranteed to lose out." I think with this statement, he finally gets his point across and links the entire editorial with the title of the article. The logic that this author used to conjure up his ideas about the healthcare reform issues was definitely there, I just think he need to put some more emphasis on the facts and statistics and so forth in order to give himself a higher credibility to the readers. Many of the people that commented on his editorial were very ignorant it seemed like, either that or they just think Democrats are the worst. One guy commented about how he's just another Democrat who loves give-a-ways. I think that if this author would have put some more credibility into his work, some of these pushy Republicans may have kept their comments to themselves, or possibly not knowing them. I honestly think that the author may not have thought thoroughly about his intended audience, because his editorial was just too bland and didn't have any structure to it, in a lack of better words. I felt as if he just threw his ideas onto a computer screen without any facts to back it up or even more emphasis on his opinion about the issues being brought to the surface in the news. I think that he could have gone further with his first paragraph speaking about how it's not the extras, its more about the out-of-pocket expenses. He needed to make it more of an argument that the seniors should continue to be receiving the coverage they have been receiving, and they need to not be put in more economic troubles due to getting coverage taken away from them. I do agree with what this author is trying to get across, but if I were to write an editorial on this issue, I would put more power into it to try and show those strong-willed Republicans that I know what I am talking about, and it's not just about give-a-ways!

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