Friday, October 23, 2009

The Unemployed Wait

I thought that the editorial The Unemployed Wait was perfectly written, not only because I am a Democrat, but because he took "mini jabs" at the way the Republican party is stepping in the way of the troubled American people getting some of the help they need. I completely agree with what this author is saying. It is very obvious that he is intending for this article to be read and taken seriously probably only by Democrats, but I wish that more people would look outside of their box and read articles that may not pertain to them but they read it anyways.

I was not aware of the way that the Republicans were handling themselves with the issue of extending insurance for the unemployed, but after reading this article, I am completely appalled at the way they would interfere with Americans receiving help from the people that should be helping them. I think that the way the author included many statistics about the unemployed of the United States and the facts about the bill and improved bill that the House and Senate have come up with is a huge factor in his credibility because he isn't just writing an editorial about his opinion; he is writing an editorial with facts and substance. He supports his findings with factual information which is the most credible tool to use in my eyes. I find it very hard to conjure up an opinion about a political topic from an article that has no factual or statistical information, but this article has it all and he helps the reader understand what is going on in the situation so clearly.

As I look down my street, I see a another family moving out of their new home that was built probably within the past year, so I see what these unemployment numbers are doing and it is so disgusting to me to even think that any person would stand in the way of our people receiving help financially to stay alive in this economy. I think that the way this author ends the article is so intelligent and moving; I don't know how anyone can stand behind the Republicans' opinion on this situation after reading this: "Every day that the Republicans continue to block an extension — fighting over amendments to the bill or delaying a vote — means thousands more Americans pushed closer to the edge of despair." Read the article for yourself and see what you think when you're done.

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